[r-t] Funny Calls

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Sun Jul 15 12:14:48 UTC 2018

This recent reminds me of the alleged peal of Plain Bob Triples at 
Holborn in 1690. If this did happen, it is said that the composition had 
three types of course-end calls - 123, 1234 and 12345 I seem to 
remember. One thing is certain is that this composition is true.

I include the msiril code below - rotated to keep the 7th at home at 
each course end:

7 bells

peal = 3(3(4a,b),4a,c)

a = 2p,x,3p,"- @"
b = 2p,y,3p,"s @"
c = 2p,z,3p,"e @"

p = l,+27
x = l,+23
y = l,+2347
z = l,+2345

l = &

The computer tells me that this must date between Jan. 1997 and June 
1998. Presumably this was mentioned in the RW between these dates - or 
could have come from reading the History part I.

What goes around, come around!


Yours, etc.
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