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On Tue, 24 Jul 2018, 08:08 Simon Humphrey, <sh53246 at gmail.com> wrote:

Evidently I don't understand the rules.

This is quite understandable, the rules are difficult to get your head
round. Tim Barnes has made a good job of trying make it clearer in the
Extension Process section of the draft Method  Ringing Framework, so that
is worth a look. I only started looking at this seriously a year or two
ago. Having done so, I have come to the conclusion that apart from some
areas that could be improved by tweaking, the processes are sound and on
the whole generate good extensions. Contrary to what you might think,
broadening what can be considered an acceptable extension actually makes
things more difficult, as can be seen with hunt methods without Plain Bob
Leadheads, where there are literally thousands of candidates. Only one
construction can have the same name, so we want an algorithm that helps us
home in one that reflects the properties of the parent well.

Can Complib generate extensions of a method ?  I can't see how to make it
> do this.  If not, is there any other software that will do the job ?

Complib generates extensions for fixed lead length and Plain Bob Leadheads
hunt methods and you can see them on the view page of the parent method by
opening up the Related Methods accordian. At the moment, it does not derive
contractions, nor does it apply the adjacency rule, so the results are not
currently guaranteed to be compliant. Nevertheless, if you choose the best
looking candidate that extends to indefinite stages, you will be on fairly
safe ground.

In my role as Central Council T&T Workgroup Leader, I intend to initiate a
review of the extension processes to determine whether some further
improvements can be made, including:

- whether the adjacency and similar constraints are essential.
- whether there are other natural groupings of non Plain Bob leadheads
(hence the recent question on this topic) that could constrain the search
space for extension candidates.
- whether allowing repetition of any sequence of places rather than aligned
sections could acknowledge Bristol Royal as a genuine extension of Bristol
Major by naturally replicating wrong hunting/dodging in the same way as the
current process does for right hunting/dodging.

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