[r-t] Central Council Methods Library

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Fri Jun 1 13:28:23 UTC 2018

I'm pleased to see that methods.org is back with its full complement of 
files. For my part, I am interested primarily in the zips on that site. 
However, the 'new' zipped file is just a list from 'Ayston Differential 
Minimus' to 'Little Bob Twenty-two' which is, to mis-quote a common 
shibboleth, not very user-friendly at all to my mind.

One of the criticisms of methods.org is/was that it's a private site. 
Isn't complib a private site too? Shouldn't the method libraries be kept 
on the same server as all the CC material?

Why do I like the zips by method type? One of the things we learn from 
the 'zoo' sites is that the human eye is far better than a computer at 
spotting patterns. I have recently been prompted to review my work on 
lead-end groups of irregular methods for extension. It's easy to find 
examples of irregular methods from the text files but why is the 
important bit of the data - the place notation and lead-end - so far to 
the rhs? It is far more important than the date of first ringing.

best wishes

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