[r-t] Above and below, and binning the bob

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Anders Holroyd has a 4 m comp on his site that does just this.


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Hi all,
I’m wondering whether anyone is interested in following up on either of two threads suggested by articles in the last few issues of the Ringing World.

Simon Linford’s continuing focus in Project Pickled Egg on ringing (or at least considering) Surprise Major methods in terms of above and below works. In his article on Lancashire (May 18, p.472) he referred to Colin Wyld’s 24-spliced peal composition constructed by aboves and belows (which my auto-correct has just tried changing to ‘bellows’). He points out that this particular comp is ‘firmly at the non-trivial end of the spectrum’, but is there any mileage in constructing compositions – possibly of touch or quarter length – that are designed as an entry point or training exercise in thinking by above and below on 8? Possibly a build-up series starting with two each above and below, with half-lead changes of work? I’m out of my theoretical depth as to whether that is possible, desirable, etc. – but I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who would be interested in following this, either on- or off-list, ideally leading to some RW content.
Ted Shuttleworth’s article ‘Bin the Bob’ (11th May, p.449), on splicing together methods with different coursing orders (without calls). He concluded his article: ‘Construction and combining of methods with alternative coursing orders opens up a plethora of possibilities that deserve to be explored.’ Anyone fancy doing some exploring?

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