[r-t] Framework for Method Ringing Second Consultation

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Tue Nov 6 17:00:07 UTC 2018

A second ringing-community-wide consultation on the Framework for Method
Ringing started on Friday Oct 26th 2018 and will run through Friday Nov
30th 2018. A Ringing World article published on Oct 26th 2018 explained the
second consultation process. This article is available as item 7 in
Appendix G of the website (cccbr.github.io/method_ringing_framework).

The second consultation survey is available at
www.surveymonkey.com/r/JGHZG7S. We recommend that you compose your survey
submission in a separate document that you can save as you go, and then
copy and paste it into the survey. This will give you a record of what you
submitted, which the survey website doesn't provide.

We request that those participating in the second consultation check the
FAQs first to make sure a point they plan to raise hasn’t already been
addressed previously. If it has been raised and you disagree with the
response, please provide the FAQ number and let us know why you think our
response is wrong.

The other articles in Appendix G provide further information and background
on the framework project. We'd suggest anyone new to the framework project
who is considering taking part in the second consultation review these
articles first to gain overall context on this project.

Feedback from the second consultation will be incorporated into the
framework during Dec 2018, with the aim of handing over the framework to
the Central Council Executive before Dec 31st 2018.
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