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Final column of p175 - quarter peal at Arlingham on 31/12/83. Claims first in the method by all, suggesting it may have been rung elsewhere before this.

Dursley, Glos. 31 Dec, 1280 London S. Major: D
Kelley 1, P Grampner 2, Helen Baker 3, Sarah Carey
4, J Sealy 5, D Huxbord 6, R Perry 7 ,1 Carey (C) 8.
And Quedgley. 1280 Quedgley S. Major: R Perry 1, A
Cambell 2 ,1 Carey 3, Sarah Carey 4, P Grampner 5,
D Huxbord 6, S Slocombe 7, D Kelley (C) 8. And
Arlingham. 1320 Newham Treble Jump S. Minor: R
Perry (200th different tower as C) 1, D Kelley 2, A
Cambell (75 Q) 3, S Slocombe 4, D Huxbord 5, P
Grampner 6.1st in method by all.

Interestingly (?) Arlingham is on the River Severn just opposite Newnham! Perhaps it was supposed to be called Newnham after all but mis-spelled (although I don’t recognise any Cambridge names in the QP band I wondered if P Grampner was actually Paul Graupner).

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> > Newham Treble Jump Minor

> Given the name, I assume was rung by a Cambridge band.

Does Cambridge have a connection with Newham as well as Newnham?

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