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Sat Dec 21 17:35:52 GMT 2019

Just to close the loop, this is what we've received on the remaining open

- It turned out that what was published as Newham Treble Jump S. Minor was
in fact a QP of Cambridge Treble Jump Minor.  Robert Perry, the conductor,
was apparently told at the time that that's what it should be called.
We've therefore removed Newham TJ from the list of jump methods.

- Jump Stedman Doubles will be renamed Stedman No.2 Jump Doubles.  It was
felt that Stedman Jump Triples is the more canonical jump version of
Stedman, so that should have the "Stedman" name, and the unrelated Doubles
method will be No.2.

- Double Oxford Jump Minor will be renamed Double Oxford Treble Jump Minor
for consistency with the other treble jumping methods.

- As we haven't uncovered any details of an extent / QP / peal of York
Treble Jump Minor, we've now removed it from the list.

The current list of known, rung jump methods is therefore as follows.
We'll add these to the methods library once its software has been updated
to handle jump change notation.

Rung Jump Methods
# Title Notation First performance date Performance type References
1 Cambridge Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35)x4x5,2 7 Mar 1976 Single method
QP RW1976/357
19 Nov 1979 Multi-method peal RW1979/1057
2 London Treble Jump Minor 3x3.(24)x2x(35).4x4.3,2 21 Oct 1979 Single
method QP RW1979/979
19 Nov 1979 Multi-method peal RW1979/1057
3 Beverley Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x34.5,2 19 Nov 1979 Multi-method
peal RW1979/1057
4 Durham Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x34.1,2 19 Nov 1979 Multi-method
peal RW1979/1057
5 Norwich Treble Jump Minor x34x(24)x2x(35)x34x1,1 19 Nov 1979 Multi-method
peal RW1979/1057
6 Surfleet Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35).4x2.5,2 19 Nov 1979 Multi-method
peal RW1979/1057
7 Wells Treble Jump Minor 3x3.(24)x2x(35).4x34.1,2 19 Nov 1979 Multi-method
peal RW1979/1057
8 Double Oxford Treble Jump Minor x(24)x(35)x5,2 28 Sep 2002 Multi-method
peal BB & RW2002/1073
9 Mersey Ferry Treble Jump Minor (13)4.(35)x3(64).(42)x 1 Jun 2003 Single
method QP BB, not in RW
30 Dec 2003 Multi-method peal BB & RW2004/81
10 Stedman No.2 Jump Doubles 3.1.5.(31).(31).(31).(31).(31).,1 11
Sep 2008 Extent BB & RW2008/1051
9 Nov 2008 Single method QP BB & RW2008/1261
11 Stedman Jump Triples 7,(13).(13).(13).(13).(13).7 12 Jan 2013 Single
method peal BB & RW2015/373
12 Bourne Treble Jump Minor x3x(24)x2x(35)x34x3,2 7 Feb 2016 Single method
QP BB & RW2016/306

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