[r-t] Washbrook's "4 part" peal of Stedman Triples

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Sep 20 17:52:55 BST 2019

Has anyone ever heard of a "four part" peal of Stedman Triples by James 

I have some figures which are claimed to be this - see attached PDF, 
composition no. 582 at the bottom far right - however I cannot see how 
this is a 4-part, and indeed as far as I can see the peal is false.

It does seem closely related to the following true peal by the same man:


My composition is some kind of rotation of this, but it seems to me as 
if each block within the peal is rotated, and this makes one half false 
against the other. Have I missed something? Is there a true peal lurking 
within these figures, four-part or otherwise?

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