[r-t] Cyclic 7-parts of major

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Wed Sep 25 23:41:04 BST 2019

Andrew Johnson wrote:

>> Wasn't there a cyclic Plain Bob by Roger Leigh in the article on 23
>> spliced by Neil Bennett?   Probably from the 60's
>> Barrie
> Perhaps see The Ringing World, as the index says:
> 5040    Plain Bob               Major   Roger Leigh             7-part
> 1986    p732
> but I don't know the part-ends.

Looking up that RW reference, I see the first part-end was 
3527486, so it wasn't cyclic.  Although the first 7-part is 
an interesting question, it's not exactly what I'm trying to 
establish – my question was specifically about cyclic 


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