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Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Sat Sep 28 22:13:26 BST 2019

Alexander E Holroyd wrote:

> Can someone help me with a historical question?  When (and by whom) was 
> it first understood that the standard minor calling WHW*3 is true?

It was discovered by a member of the College Youths with the 
initials R.R., most probably in the 1650s.  "R.R." is widely 
believed to be Robert Roan, master of the CYs in 1652, but 
that remains speculation, albeit plausible speculation.

> In particular, when was it known that it gives an in-course extent of a 
> plain method or an extent of a TD method with regular lead ends but not 
> plain bob lead end order?  (Similarly for IOI*3 and not m group).

This is an open question.  It's certainly my view that 
"R.R." and his immediate contemporaries did not appreciate 
this.  However I think it would have been well known by the 
end of the 17th century.

> For plain bob lead end order one can say that it is equivalent to the 
> standard 60 of grandsire doubles.  Where does that originate?  Tintinalogia?

It's first recorded in Tintinnalogia, whose first edition 
was printed in 1668, and it is extremely clear from the 
description given in both Tintinnalogia and Campanalogia 
that the standard 360 of Plain Bob Minor (then called 
Grandsire Bob) was derived from the standard 60 of Grandsire 
Doubles.  It is frequently assumed that both were composed 
by "R.R.", and this may be so, but there is no real evidence 
that this is the case and no compelling reason to assume so.


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