[r-t] Stedman Triples and Camapanalogia

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Tue Jan 14 12:29:42 GMT 2020

In the Christmas issue of The Ringing World, issue 5669/5670, p.1246 
(subscriber link: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/issues/2019/1246)  I wrote 
an article examining whether Fabian Stedman ever extended Stedman Doubles 
(the Principle on Five) to triples.

J Armiger Trollope, Jasper Snowden, Ernest Morris and Clavis were of the 
opinion it wasn't extended to seven bells by the composer.

I pointed that in Campanalogia (1677), p.168, Fabian Stedman says:‘ ‘Tis 
plainly demonstrable, that [t]he Principle upon five may go 420 triples 
upon seven, which is a twelfth part; 840 which is a sixth part; or 1260 
which is a fourth part of the whole, and the utmost period of triple 
changes. And then by making four extreams it may go 5040, the complete 

Who agrees or disagrees that this shows Fabian Stedman did extend the 
method to triples?

What was the extension? In the article I proposed some ideas, but none 
were completely satisfactory.

Andrew Johnson

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