[r-t] Stedman Triples and Camapanalogia

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Mon Jan 20 08:27:42 GMT 2020

> From: Richard Johnston
> Thanks - I found it interesting.
> I didn't want to be prejudiced by your article, so I looked back at 
> Camopanalogia, to see whaty I got by looking at the immediate and 
> larger context, and not thinking too hard.
> I cae to  much the same conclusions and for the same reasons as you 
> on p1246.
> My conclusions?  Yes he did have a stedman triples extension, and it 
> is more likely than not that it was the one we use now, but otherwise 
> the doubles version with dodges behind.   And, it got overlooked by 
> later authors because it was not pricked out.
> Richard Johnston
Richard, thank you for your reply. As I first posed the question
in The Ringing World perhaps you would care to send a letter with 
your comments so that readers can benefit from your ideas.

Andrew Johnson

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