[r-t] Triples puzzles

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Thu Jul 16 09:00:50 BST 2020

> From: Alexander E Holroyd 
> 1. Find an extent using only the three place notations 3,5,147.
Double Stedman uses those notations, but doesn't have enough 
mutually true plain courses:
https://www.ringing.org/method/?notation= forms a six which can be used to cover the extent -
but how do you link them?
> 2. Find a good one.
> 3. Find an extent using only the three place notations 1,7,345.
This 42 change 'method' has mutual true blocks covering the extent:
or this double version
or obviously the reverse of the first.
The place notation is palindromic, but the there are 
two blue lines for the working bells, and one is the backwards version
of the other (like a B-block of Grandsire Triples).
> 4. Find a good one.
Andrew Johnson

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