[r-t] Triples puzzles

Richard Pullin grandsirerich at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 16 14:39:19 BST 2020

Have managed to produce a 5040 for challenge 1...whether it meets challenge
2, who knows!

I had a very similar idea to Robert, which was to come up with a Plain
method that could carry out the task:,147  1342756.

'Bobs' are substituted 5s or 3s that don't affect the treble. To overcome
the parity barrier, the treble gets affected by occasional 'calls,' thereby
producing long and short leads in those instances. This automatically
created a building block for a very nice 18-part structure.

The peal uses group 6.12 from Price's paper, which is generally not
possible for extents in almost any method you can think of on 6 or 8 bells
(though it has been used before for at least one Triples extent.)

I guess it is also quite rare for a peal to have calls everywhere except at
the lead ends (or lead heads, or whatever we're supposed to call them!)

5040 New Triples method
X  742563
P  427356
A  324675
P  243567
A  542736
2P 254367
3A 657432
P  576243
L  627345
D  673524
3B 527364
C  273465
P  732546
B  367524
P  673452
18-part, replacing final B with W in parts 6,12 and 18.
X = +
P = +
L = +
W = +
A = +
B = +
C = +
D = +
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