[r-t] M lead end plain major methods

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Fri Mar 6 02:35:39 GMT 2020

Several of today’s messages have noted a lack of m lead end methods with
various properties. Turns out one pair of those properties is particularly
surprising, at least to me: being right place and having been rung and
named! It appears no one has ever rung and named a right place plain major
method with lead end m, at least not a non-little one (there’s Bastow,
obviously) with palindromic symmetry. Perhaps it’s somehow related to the
various sorts of methods for which they’re not possible? Still, given how
many plain major methods have been rung over the years, if you include
those rung in spliced, it seems surprising. And there’s no reason they
can’t be rung, it seems easy enough to concoct them, for example

Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
“A capacity for surprise is an essential aspect of out mental
life, and surprise itself is the most sensitive indication of
how we understand our world and what we expect from it.”
    — Daniel Kahneman, /Thinking, Fast and Slow/
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