[r-t] The Mathematics of Musical Composition

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Mon Oct 12 11:46:00 BST 2020

There's a free online lecture tomorrow (Tuesday 13 October) at 1pm UK
time on 'The Mathematics of Musical Composition', given by Professor
Sarah Hart.  See
https://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/maths-music for more
details, including registration.  The description says: 

"This lecture will explore the mathematics of musical symmetries, such
as the "translational symmetry" of the transposition of keys, and the
"rotational symmetry" of the duet "Der Spiegel", attributed to Mozart.
It will go on to explore the last century's experimentation with the use
of mathematical forms to produce intriguing effects, including in the
works of Arnold Schoenberg and Per Nørgård" 

Even more relevant, the same presenter will be giving a further lecture
in the same series at 1pm of Tuesday 5 January 2021, on 'The Mathematics
of Bell Ringing'. See 
https://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/maths-bellringing . Here, 

"This lecture will look at change ringing, which is ringing a series of
tuned bells (as you might find in the bell tower of a church) in a
particular sequence, and this has exciting mathematical properties. We
will also ask: why are bells bell-shaped? What properties of this shape
create the sound of a bell, and by what amount should we scale the size
of a bell to produce changes in pitch?" 

Has anyone interacted with Prof Hart before?
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