[r-t] Multi-cyclic composition

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Apr 1 00:14:12 BST 2021

Jonathan Agg wrote:

> https://complib.org/composition/76082
> My favourite one is the first method, which gets to megatittums over the
> half lead with lots of plain hunting, with the tenor being pivot, then 2,E,
> 3,0, 4,9, 5,8, 6,7 being opposites. Normally a method which is a cyclic
> shunt of 1 is less popular as it's not as disruptive music-wise as shifting
> by a larger amount, but in this composition this concern goes away!

I rather like the idea behind that method.  In a composition 
like particles, you literally spend half the peal chasing 
mega-tittums.  This method gets you there and back within a 
lead, and without completely losing the coursing music 
around the row.  I'd be interested to see a method like that 
in a slightly more conventional cyclic composition.


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