[r-t] Plain Bob leadheads with 14 le

PeterScott peter at homescott.free-online.co.uk
Fri Feb 19 21:44:19 GMT 2021

"Please can someone produce, or point me at, a concise proof of this 
PB1: In a palindromic treble-dominated method with Plain Bob leadheads,
on an even number of bells, the lead end place notations must be 12 or 

Proposition: in Minor there are five "Plain Bob Leadheads", one for each 
of the working bells.
(Is anyone going to dispute that ?? OK read on:)

By counterexample to the lemma, consider this minor method: (palindromic 
treble-dominated method with Plain Bob leadheads)

3456.1456.1256.1236.1234 hl=36 le=14

The method extends in the obvious manner to 8, 10, 12, ...


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