[r-t] Musical tenors-together peals of major

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Tue Nov 9 17:11:42 GMT 2021

I wonder what some of the most musical tenors-together peals of major 
could be.

Length: 5000-5376
Method - single treble hunt, either plain or single dodging 
Regular method - palindromic, PB lead-ends, 2nd or 8ths place LE
Wrong or right place
Places - no more than 2 blows (except at a call)
At most 4 places per change (e.g. Cambridge S.), but preferably at most 2.
Standard calls, near or far 14/1234 or 16/1678
Strictly tenors-together (allow befores, but not 5ths/4ths)

- so learning the method might be tricky, but otherwise it should be quite 
a normal peal.

Music scoring - more than just CRUs, CompLib scores are one idea, [though 
I worry that composers are optimising just for this and perhaps internal 
4-runs are overweighted].

so a good example would be
5376 Zyyi Surprise Major
Composed by Stanley Jenner
42 5678s (18f,24b), 42 6578s (18f,24b), 252 crus (108f,144b), 152 4-bell 
runs (81f,71b), 540 5678 combinations (252f,288b), 27 8765s (18f,9b), 
CompLib Music Score = 862

I found the following composition which scores highly, though the method 
probably has never been rung on its own.

5376 Durnford Bob Major
Composed by Andrew Johnson
23456   M       W       H
46352   –               s
34652   3               –
56243   –       – 
32645   –               –
24635           2 
53462   –       s       –
24365   –               2[–]1
4 part.
1 Replace bracketed calls with sH in parts 2 and 4.
48 5678s (24f,24b), 48 6578s (24f,24b), 174 crus (84f,90b), 199 4-bell 
runs (111f,88b), 552 5678 combinations (272f,280b), 26 8765s (20f,6b), 
Tittums, Reverse Waterfall, Backrounds.
CompLib Music Score = 948

Coming across this was a bit of an accident. I was looking at a 13440 
(tenors together extent) and used CompLib to see which methods it applied 
to. I found that Durnford was the most musical named method for that 
composition, and quite a lot better than Plain Bob. I then looked for 
musical peal length compositions of Durnford, and found:
5376 Durnford Bob Major
From 5376 (5152) Plain Bob Major Op. 1
Composed by Brian E Whiting
CompLib Music Score = 929

I then looked to see if there was anything better on that 4-part plan.

Is Durnford Bob Major a worthwhile method or just a by-product of the 
CompLib music scoring system?

It is possible to do a similar search for treble dodging methods - search 
for CPS methods with the highest music score for the 60 in-course 
tenors-together courses, choose some of the best methods and try to find a 
good tenors-together peal of a reasonable length.

[This is of academic interest, I'm not planning on ringing a peal like 
Andrew Johnson

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