[r-t] Bobs-only Stedman Triples - 74 complete B-blocks peals

Ted Steele bells at tedsteele.plus.com
Wed Mar 23 11:15:50 GMT 2022

On 23/03/2022 06:49, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> 74 complete B-blocks peals
> I have found 40 sets of blocks so far, where the sixes from each set (and the remaining B-blocks) can be rearranged into 74 complete B-blocks.
> 67 round blocks, signature: 20:3+33

I freely admit to having only a superficial understanding the detail of 
the blocks and signatures but am clear in my understanding that Andrew's 
work is a massive step in the science of Stedman. I am prompted to ask 
whether, assuming the successful completion of Andrew's continuing work, 
there remains anything else to explore in Stedman triples?


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