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Thanks for these - very interesting.  The 1234 place notations are arguably a bit of a blemish.  Can they be removed?

I wonder whether the concept could be adapted to include all the 1234 (and 4321) runs as well.  Doing that in a composition within reach of non-mega bands would be very worthwhile.  For instance, the BWWB section of the 4-spliced contains no runs.  Could it be replaced with something else, probably different things in different parts but not too many different things.

In summary: lose the 1234s but give us the 1234s!  ; )

Cheers, Ander

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During a (nearly) ringing-free holiday at the beach over Christmas, I decided to delve into the world of cyclic Surprise Major composition. The benchmark in recent years has been to achieve all the runs, although this appears to have been at the cost of simplicity and increased method quantity. In some cases this may have been the point, but there appeared to be a gap in the all-the-runs category for those bands perhaps not advanced enough to attempt 9+ methods in one hit.

I've devised 2 compositions which may fill this void.

The first composition uses only 3 methods, one of which is the musical powerhouse of Cambridge Surprise (!). Overworks, underworks and lead orders are all unique, although some line stagnation and similarity is evident:
5152 3-Spliced Treble Dodging Major<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/complib.org/composition/104795__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!mQ0eepwZ9239MarkVfmTy8qorsQxE1YT3hqloZnRpq3rkd-LChgdOjDXzODZyhn3ZsGSOjgAQRBYd4w3OAbY4zXP$>
Spliced Treble Dodging Major (3m - all the runs)

The second composition is more subtle, but much more elegant IMO. It uses 4 methods, but all of which vary considerably in their construction and avoid serious stagnation (worst offence is an occasional 5-pull dodge):
5152 4-Spliced Treble Dodging Major<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/complib.org/composition/105195__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!mQ0eepwZ9239MarkVfmTy8qorsQxE1YT3hqloZnRpq3rkd-LChgdOjDXzODZyhn3ZsGSOjgAQRBYd4w3OKFi_RY_$>
Spliced Treble Dodging Major (4m - all the runs)

I suspect this particular 7-part plan has been discovered before - it's a little sledgehammer-y, but quite effective at generating runs! Hopefully these ideas might make the cyclic-scene a little more accessible.

All the best,
Thomas Perrins.
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