External tuning

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu Apr 4 14:34:59 BST 2002

This morning I've been doing a full inspection at St Olave's, York. The
rather nice 9 cwt six were cast in 1789 by Dalton of York, and were
tuned and rehung for chiming in 1916, by Taylor's, and rehung for
ringing by David Potter / Taylor's in 1988. Looking at them this
morning, I noticed that there is clear evidence of tuning on the outside
soundbows of all six bells, between the two lower sets of moulding
wires. it must have occurred in 1916. Has anyone else seen this anywhere
- It's the first time I've seen it. What would the purpose be?

By the way, I have quite an old copy of the listed bells schedule for
York, but they are not on there. If they still aren't, I think they
ought to be - George will know, no doubt.


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