Taylor borders

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sat Apr 6 15:52:54 BST 2002

Stockton-on-the-Forest bells (Taylor 1895) have a border of leaves and
berries, which my very limited knowledge of plants doesn't allow me to
identify. It ain't oak leaves or vine trails - can anyone suggest what
it might be. I did take some photos but my f***ing camera ruined the
film and now I've got to go back there (and Bishopthorpe) to take some

Incidentally, re. my mention yesterday of casting numbers inside the
crowns, having started to write up my notes for the web I see that the
four bells are sequential, 148-51. Anyone know where '1' is?

I also noticed that one of the bells (4/6) is a maiden bell - 1895 is
pretty late for Taylor's to be turning out an untuned bell, I would have


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