[Bell Historians] 12s

Kelly Barnes kelly at m...
Fri Apr 12 22:07:12 BST 2002

> Anyone know of any more 12s which are likely to appear in the near
> future?

I think there are plans to augment Preston to 12.

Talking of frames with more pits than there are bells, Swinton, Gtr Man, are
an 8 in a 10-bell frame and Coppull are a 6 in an 8-bell frame. Legend has
it that they were orginally an 8 (the headstocks indicate this too as the
numbers on them run from 3 to 8) and that the church sold the trebles back
to the foundry (Taylors) to pay for repairs to the roof. In the fifties the
foundry asked the church if they wanted them back as they'd been sitting in
storage for years and the church said no so they were broken up - shame as
they're a superb 6! Not sure if the story's true but that's what I've been


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