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Kelly wrote:

> Legend has it that they were orginally an 8 (the headstocks indicate this=
too as the
> numbers on them run from 3 to 8) and that the church sold the trebles bac=
> to the foundry (Taylors) to pay for repairs to the roof. In the fifties =
> foundry asked the church if they wanted them back as they'd been sitting =
> storage for years and the church said no so they were broken up - shame a=
> they're a superb 6! Not sure if the story's true but that's what I've be=
> told.

I don't know in this case, but the headstocks being numbered 3-8 doesn't ne=
cessarily mean there ever were eight. It is not unusual for Taylor's to num=
ber the headstocks of a six like this if they are intended to be augmented =
to eight. Two examples which immediately spring to mind are Bishopthorpe, Y=
ork, and Lydeard St Lawrence, Somerset, both sixes ith headstocks numbered =
3-8. Neither frame even has the pits for eight, although the grillage is la=
id out so that they could be added.


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