[Bell Historians] 12s

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Mon Apr 15 11:37:28 BST 2002

"LOVE, Dickon" wrote:

> I'll give you another good couple of examples:
> * Chislehurst Annunciation: G&J cast a single bell to be the 6th of a
> future
> octave and labelled the fittings "6". When the octave was completed
> some
> years later (by Taylors - the church had fallen out with G&J by that
> stage),
> it was actually the 5th.

Isn't the bell itself numbered '6', as was common G&J practice? THe back
seven at St Wilfrid's, York, are so numbered, with the number being just
above the moulding wires at the bottom of the waist. The 3rd isn't
numbered, and that and its serial number leads me to suspect that it was
a stock bell.


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