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I don't know in this case, but the headstocks being numbered 3-8 doesn't
necessarily mean there ever were eight. It is not unusual for Taylor's to
number the headstocks of a six like this if they are intended to be
augmented to eight. Two examples which immediately spring to mind are
Bishopthorpe, York, and Lydeard St Lawrence, Somerset, both sixes ith
headstocks numbered 3-8. Neither frame even has the pits for eight, although
the grillage is laid out so that they could be added.

I'll give you another good couple of examples:

* Chislehurst Annunciation: G&J cast a single bell to be the 6th of a future
octave and labelled the fittings "6". When the octave was completed some
years later (by Taylors - the church had fallen out with G&J by that stage),
it was actually the 5th.

* St Bride's, Fleet St: the single bell there is labelled "10" (Taylors).


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