David Bryant djb122 at y...
Mon Apr 15 23:06:13 BST 2002

Another query which has been paseed on to me!

Apparently the church at Bodfean (also spelt Bodvean or Bodvan) in
Gwynedd, Wales, is redundant and derelict and the chime of six bells is
being transferred to another local church. The church at Bodfean dates
from 1894, and had a chime of six bells plus what Dove describes as a
sanctus bell. I've been given a picture of this (I'll stick it on the
pictures section) and it is not a proper bell. It looks like a piece of
cast-rion drainpipe, so evidently a bar or tubular bell. What appears to
be a Taylor chiming frame for 'proper' bells can just be seen in the
corner of the picture

Basically, has anyone got any information on these bells - proper ones
or bar. If anyone knows anything I'll pass it on to my enquirer.



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