Taylors, Gilletts and tierces

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Tue Apr 16 09:11:02 BST 2002

In a flurry of correspondence sparked by my recent RW article on 
Taylor true-harmonic tuning, it has been suggested that it was 
Gilletts, not Taylors, who first tuned tierces to 900 cents below the 
nominal - an equal tempered minor third, rather than the sharper just 
minor third at 880-odd cents. I have yet to verify this by looking at 
some representative peals.

Does anyone know why Gilletts, and then Taylors, changed the tierce 
tuning in this way? My guess is that it was due to the explosion in 
the carillon business for these two firms after the first war.

Bill H

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