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It is in the 8th edition as SHIPLEY, W YORKS, SALTAIRE CONGREG'L CH.

I think CJP may have more definitive information, but here is a little: Tay=
lor's inspected in 1922. At that time the bells were still ringable but th=
ere was frame movement and the bells were "difficult". New fittings and at=
least strengthened frame were advised. Apparently nothing was done, and =
when enquiries were made in 1943 the bells had been sold - where I don't kn=

For the record the inspection notes give the following:

Treble 2' 0" 3cwt 1870 William Blews=20
Second 2' 2" 3.1/2-cwt 1870 William Blews
Third 2' 3.1/2" 4-cwt 1870 William Blews
Fourth 2' 4.1/2" 4.1/2-cwt 1857 John Warner
Fifth 2' 7.1/4" 5.1/2-cwt 1870 William Blews
Tenor 2' 11.1/2" 7.1/2-cwt 1857 John Warner

There is a clock in the tower, details unknown but I hazard a guess that th=
e two 1857 bells were provided as clock bells (at the building) and the oth=
ers added subsequently.

This marvellous building - part of Sir Titus Salt's model village - is emin=
ently visitable, but getting up the tower is another thing, at least so I'v=
e found!

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There has been a suggestion that there use to be a ring of bells at Salta=
ire Congregational Church. This does not appear on our "lost rings" list. C=
an anyone confirm that there was a ring and if so when it was removed?

Many thanks

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