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Glandford: Pearson's "Bells in the Eastern Counties" gives the dedication a=
s St.Margaret, and this may have been the original source of Dove's informa=
tion. I know nothing more, but imagine that these bells remain in the place=
they were originally installed.

Odeon: The original 32-bell instrument of 1927/8 (bass bell 6-0-0 in C) was=
replaced coompletely just 2 or 3 years later in 1930, the new set having a=
bass bell of 6-2-3 in C. According to the 4th edition of Dove (1968) these=
bells had been "sold and shipped to Belgium", Maybe they still exist

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There has been quite a lot of additional information added in the=20
last couple of days - thanks to DLC and CZ

Can anyone help with a couple of queries?

The date of the demolishion of the Odeon Cinema Carillon? What was=20
the fate of the bells?

Glandford, St Martin - early Doves said St Margaret - have these=20
bells been moved, or is it just the correction of an error?

DLC has sent me even more data! It will be uploaded very soon - once=20
the hangover from a grabbing weekend in Wales wears off, probably!


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