Anti-clockwise rings

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Wed Apr 24 16:15:59 BST 2002

Sometime back, Nick Bowden posted a list of anti-clockwise rings
from Dove. Sorry it has taken a while to look through the list,
but here are some anomolies:

These towers I have rung at, and they were anti-clockwise at the
time. In the case of Pirton and Uffington, they may have been
rehung clockwise in a restoration scheme after I visited. They
are not included on Nick's list.

Ampton, Suffolk, 4 bells.
East Knoyle, Wiltshire, 6 bells.
Ellington, Cambridgeshire, 4 bells.
Hickling, Nottinghamshire, 6 bells.
Pirton, Hertfordshire, 5 bells.
Sevington, Kent, 4 bells.
Southfleet, Kent, 6 bells.
Takeley, Essex, 4 bells.
Uffington, Oxfordshire, 5 bells.

These towers are on Nick's list as being anti-clockwise, but were not
when I rang there! In the case of Stoughton, I rang them as a three,
so they may have been made anti-clockwise when augmented to five.

Lamport, Northamtponshire, 4 bells.
Stoughton, West Sussex, 3 bells (now 5).
Wherwell, Hampshire, 5 bells.


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