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OK - only one in Yorkshire. It was the Yks abbreviation which caught me out
when searching electronically.
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Andrew Aspland wrote:

> Great list - some stats worth investigating here. First none in Yorks
> Lancs, second more low numbers of bells than average?, more unringable
> average? etc. etc.

What about Lowgate, Hull?

> I would disagree with the tuning details - it was always misleading to
> to a peal of bells as 1-5 of an 8 since they weren't, aren't, and are
> likely to be an eight.

Agreed. Why can't we use the names of the musical modes to describe them,
and if they form no diatonic scale label them 'out of tune', rather than
using haphazard labels such as 'minor six', '1-5 of 8', etc, which in
reality can mean pretty much whatever you want them to! Labels such as
'lydian five', 'minor six' (meaning minor and only minor, unlike at present)
are far more precise. If people don't understand the musical modes half a
page at the front could explain them. I can really see no need to 'dumb it
down' to the extent that the descriptions become meaningless.


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