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> Looking through some old RWs, I came across a picture of a bell which had
> had bad crown cracks and had been repaired by Soundweld. The bell had lost
> its canons, and what they appeared to have done was created a flat pad in
> the centre of the crown, much like a modern bell has. Does anyone know
> whether they usually do this when repairing crown-cracked bells which have
> lost their canons?

If you ask - I am sure they would. They did it to a medieval bell at Pinhoe I 
know but I seem to remember it was quite flat topped under the canons anyway. 
The bells which we have had welded (with canons) have come out very well 
although Mark will not allow the bells to be hung from canons if they have 
been re-welded on. The medieval tenor at Upton Noble was broken (A large 
piece of the canons & shoulder had broken off due to a CICS crack) & some of 
the canons were missing. When it retured from Soundweld the canons were 
complete - he managed to make up the missing canons & weld them into place. 
This bell is now hung from a steel hoop type canon retainer.

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