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> If you ask - I am sure they would. They did it to a medieval bell at Pinh=
oe I know but I seem to remember it was quite flat topped > under the canon=
s anyway.=20=20

That was the photo I saw! Also, from a photo of it being prepared for weldi=
ng it seems like they had to cut away quite a lot of the crown as there wer=
e a number of cracks, which I should think would make a difference - they w=
ere practically re-making the crown.

> The bells which we have had welded (with canons) have come out very well =
although Mark will not allow the bells to be hung from > canons if they hav=
e been re-welded on. The medieval tenor at Upton Noble was broken (A large =
piece of the canons & shoulder=20
> had broken off due to a CICS crack) & some of the canons were missing. Wh=
en it retured from Soundweld the canons were=20
> complete - he managed to make up the missing canons & weld them into plac=
e. This bell is now hung from a steel hoop type=20
> canon retainer.

Don't they make a mould from an existing canon then get Whitechapel to cast=
replacements for the missing ones? I seem to recall reading that somewhere=
. I think it was an E&S report on Lydbury North, Shrops, where this had bee=
n done. David Potter rehung a smallish bell for English Heritage (at Founta=
ins Abbey mill) last year, and Soundweld certainly did a very good job on t=
hat - the crown was in several pieces and some of the canons were missing, =
and they replaced the missing canons and welded it all back together. The q=
uality of their workmanship really is excellent.


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