Meneely Bells

jessb38 jessb38 at y...
Sat Apr 27 19:03:30 BST 2002

I am a reader of your contributions to the Bell Historians site at 
Yahoo. I live in the States in Troy, NY. On 19 May 2002 , we will be 
celebrating the 200th birthday of Andrew Meneely, the patriarch of a 
network of historic bellcasters in New York's Capital Region who have 
placed significant bells throughout the U.S.A. and throughout the 
world, including the replacement for the cracked Liberty Bell. 

Very soon, next week,I hope, a complete list will be available on the 
net of the bells cast at the Meneely Bell Foundry here in Troy from 
1871 to 1952. It will be on spreadsheets like that of " mikechester" 
of a few weeks ago. Do you think that the Bell Historians at Yahoo 
would have any interest in our project ?

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