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The bell from St.Silas Blackburn - by Taylor 1897 - was transferred to St.E=
rth, Cornwall, as the second of four in 1983-6. Taylore returned it in 198=
3, but owing to other problems with the church and tower the bells were not=
installed until 1896. It is now the fourth of six.

As supplied to Blackburn in 1897, it weighed 4-3-26 (28.5" diameter)

Chris P
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> Who cast the bell at St Silas before the eight - how big was it?
> David
No idea who cast it David,it was quite a hush hush=20
thing when it was scrapped,and no idea if it was used as there was a=20
terrible recording played before weddings,etc,but judging by the size=20
of the frameside that were lying outside the church for several years=20
after the eight was installed,it was probably somewhere upto 4 or=20
5cwt in size.

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