[Bell Historians] Re: Temple Church, Bristol and Holy Trinity, Blackburn

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Sun Apr 28 16:08:43 BST 2002

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> The bell from St.Silas Blackburn - by Taylor 1897 - was transferred 
to St.Erth, Cornwall, as the second of four in 1983-6. Taylore 
returned it in 1983, but owing to other problems with the church and 
tower the bells were not installed until 1896. It is now the fourth 
of six.
> As supplied to Blackburn in 1897, it weighed 4-3-26 (28.5" diameter)
> Chris P
Interesting to know the details Chris. No specifics were available 
locally for the bell for some reason,and the only info was that it 
had been scrapped(info from tower captain)and two very usable cast 
iron framesides were left outside the tower for some two years or so 
to rot away-it was a case of "if you want them you can have them but 
you must remove them", so with this in mind,Raymond Clayton tried to 
get a church in Bamber Bridge interested in using it to rehang thier 
unsafe single bell,and I tried the same at S.John,Read,Lancs-both 
without success-lack of interest or money.

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