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Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Sun Dec 1 15:52:26 GMT 2002

I was about to put hand to keyboard to put my own views on this, but 
find that I am in complete agreement with GAD's message. I fear it 
would be very difficult to make such a journal financially viable. 
The enthusiasts or deeply knowledgable will always find a way to get 
their work published as a book, in articles, on websites etc. The 
debate and exchange of ideas that used to take place via post and 
special gatherings is now very successfully supplemented by the 
internet and email. And the RW exists both as the journal of record 
and as a way to acquaint those not electronically connected with the 
hot topics of the day.

Every one of us ought to make the effort to write a letter or article 
for the RW once or twice a year - expecially if there is some 
important new discovery or piece of information to pass on. But we 
are fooling ourselves if we think that many people will find these 
matters sufficiently interesting to want very much of them. Someone 
said that we needed to write carefully so that the average ringer 
could appreciate the importance (or otherwise) of what we had to say. 
Wise words and a hard standard to meet.

Bill H

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