Bells with extremes of size and weight

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Sun Dec 1 16:00:09 GMT 2002

In connection with a significant new theory I am concerning the 
effect of higher partials on the sound of bells, I am interested to 
know of peals or single bells which are heavy, light, long or short 
for their pitch. This has been covered in the past on the list but I 
am afraid I did not take careful note at the time.

I am only interested in extant bells which I could record and 
measure. Examples (to avoid you telling me about them again!) are: 
for heavy bells, the tenors at Wells; for light bells, the tenors at 
Dunham Massey; for short bells, Castleton; and long bells, the 
trebles at Kingston, Dorset. More examples like this would be very 
helpful to the work I am doing.

Bill H

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