Rw diary

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sun Dec 1 22:28:38 GMT 2002

I've just got my new RW diary (revolting colour - we're back to the brown
stage in the colour cycle again). The heavy bells list has been amended, and
now has the 6th quarter bell at York and the correct weight for the tenor at
St Paul's. It also has a new drawing of a bell, with a Mark I Whitechapel
headstock. They could at least have had a current pattern headstock! Not
that I suppose any apart from the pedants will notice. Talking of being
pedantic, there's a new page on learning plain hunt, on the treble and 'on
the two'. Is it just me, or does anyone else despise such poor English? 'on
the second' or 'on number two', but NOT 'on the two'.



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