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The old tenor at Pucklechurch (by William and Richard Purdue 1650 - 44.125=
" diameter, 12-0-26 in E flat as retuned by G&J in 1929) was arguably more =
interesting in this context than the present bell, recast by Whitechapel in=

The tenor at Tring (Herts) by Chandler 1695 (50.5" and 17-3-18 in D flat as=
retuned at Whitechapel in 1988) is another one worth exploring. The Chandl=
ers seemed to do quite well at producing deep-toned bells of relatively lig=
ht weight. Another (recast in 1902) was the tenor at Bromham (Beds) of 1686=
which was 14-2-12 in E flat

Claybrooke - as Clarry says - is remarkable as much for its quality of soun=
d as for its note in relation to size.

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> Claybrooke tenor is only 13-3-7 but is in E flat. And its a real beaut=
y of
> a bell.

Pucklechurch, near Bristol, is 12-1-14 in Eb


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