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Not the only place where this is done - the rehung and augmented swing-chim=
e of five at St Anne, Moseley, Birmingham has its new ringing-type) ropes d=
own into the porch, attached to a donated set of (ringing type) ropes up in=
the ringing chamber - so you can take your choice; if you want an easy lif=
e you can just switch on "Quasimodo" (for that is its trade name), and if y=
ou like living in hope of Birmingham having a five-bell ring, you can look =
at the flanges in position on the headstock, all ready to receive wheels...=

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Last time I rang there the church authorities insisted that the old=20
look of the GF ring was maintained by attaching a sort of chiming=20
rope to each bellrope in the ringing chamber, down to the floor level=20
of the church. Does this still happen?


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