[Bell Historians] His Eminence Fr. David de Castro

Cairngorm J. McWomble cairngorm at m...
Fri Dec 6 18:11:38 GMT 2002

--- In bellhistorians at y..., "David Bryant" <djb122 at y...> wrote:
> > "(just hope he's genuinely off-line, or else I'm in trouble!)"
> > I am sure he *is* off-line, but when he is back, I am sure he will 
> > be capable of reading the archives to see what he's missed!
> But no - as I can see with my moderator priviledges, Dave doesn't 
have a Yahoo profile set up which means he can't read the message 
Looks like you're safe from reprisals after all Chris!

That doesn't mean to say he can't activate one though!

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