[Bell Historians] His Eminence Fr. David de Castro, and other matters

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Nope. Not terminally dead, following a visit by the Computer Doc, but than=
ks all those who enquired about its welfare. As for me I have indeed recei=
ved all the emails packerd up, but CJP was only "obeying orders" from me, s=
o all's well.

Rededicated St Nicholas Leicester this evening, but don't all rush, the fro=
nt three are hung dead. Those who want to can ring the 22-0-0 Gillett teno=
r by arrangement.

Blessings upon you all D. L. de Castro
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> > "(just hope he's genuinely off-line, or else I'm in trouble!)"

Spent the morning with His Eminence yesterday, you are all safe as the
monitor is terminally dead! However he sends his regards to all his frien=
& has a message for CJP which is best not printed on this site.

As a result of the 'conference' there has been an updating of some of the
CCC's Lists of Bells for Preservation. Headquarters tell me that they hop=
to get them on line in due course for general consumption. As I've said
before, if there are bells, or more importantly, frames which you may
consider of importance, please let me know with details. Chris Dalton has
been exceptionally helpful with this. Oh that others were.


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