[Bell Historians] retention of old bells

Mike Chester <mike@m...> mike at m...
Mon Dec 9 08:30:32 GMT 2002

> The distinction here is that they were saved for reuse elsewhere, 
> rather than for purely antiquarian reasons. 

Without looking at the documents of the time I cannot say that they 
were or were not preserved for antiquarian reasons. 

If they were sent elsewhere because it was decided that they should 
not be recast then I would argue that this is for antiquarian 

If it was purely for financial reasons, either for the Cathedral or 
the churches themselves the opposite applies.

This could be similar to the situation at Coventry when the then 8 
were being sent to London to be recast into a 10 and the tenor bell 
at St John the Baptist was cracked. One bell from the 8 replaced the 
cracked tenor and that bell was put in the pot. This is a financial 
transaction that as a by-product means we have an old bell from 
Coventry Cathedral that is extant. It is not as a result of any 
antiquarian "feelings"


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