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The Bourdon at Cobh (formerly Queenstown) was originally hung for ringing o=
n a straight rivetted stock - rehung dead by JT & Co c1950 and again when t=
he carillon was augmented to 49 by the addition of the two bottom semitones=
a few years ago by Eijsbouts.

Armagh carillon has always been completely fixed. At the present moment it =
is being completely rebuilt by JT Bellfounders.

Perth's 28-cwt 1506 bourdon to the otherwise G&J carillon is a full-circle =
swinger and is or has been rung on occasion. The gear is in reasonable ord=

The only other carillon having a swinging bell is Aberdeen, where the bourd=
on bell is an electrically-slow-swung bell.

Of course there are a large number of chimes where the bass bell is hung fo=
r ringing.

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Talking of ringable ones, I seem to recall that there are one or two Iris=
carillons with quite large bass bells allegedly hung for ringing. Does
anyone know which these are and whether any of them are actually ringable=

I'm told by one of Taylor's bellhangers that the bass at Perth, Scotland,=
hung for ringing but he reckoned the frame was flimsy and ringing it up
might not be sensible.


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