[Bell Historians] Some tower updates

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Tue Dec 17 10:34:57 GMT 2002

David B: I'm told by one of Taylor's bellhangers that the bass at Perth,
Scotland, is
hung for ringing but he reckoned the frame was flimsy and ringing it up
might not be sensible.

Yes it is hung for ringing and has a proper rope with sally - somewhere I
have a photo of it and its frame so you will be able to judge for yourself
whether or not it is flimsy. The carilloneur was not terribly enthusiastic
when we visited and didn't get to hear the bells. At Aberdeen the bass
swings and they have an enthusiastic bloke who let us all have a go on the
carillon - brilliant, especially the ivory keyboard whence you can play
rounds on a 90cwt peal with your little finger!

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