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Where did the Dove weight of 16-2-10 come from ? Are the weights of 
the others available from the same source ?

Andrew Bull

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> The back eight at Newcastle have not been tuned since they were 
instaled in
> about 1730.
> The 1928 augmentation to ten did not involve any work on the old 
eight - the
> trebles were installed in a new frame above and independent of the
> eight-bell frame.
> The story is that in 1953 Gilletts wanted to retune the bells when 
> in a ten-bell frame, but the local tower captain would not allow 
it. Other
> Rudhall rings of the same vintage have tuned up well - Wrexham and 
Burton St
> Modwen come to mind.
> Phil Gay,
> who is in a peal attempt on the back eight on Sunday.

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