A ring of One

Dickon Love <DrLove@s...> DrLove at s...
Tue Dec 10 15:12:54 GMT 2002

Talking of rings of one, JPA, ASoQ and I visited St Clement's, 
Eastcheap in the City of London this lunchtime and can confirm that 
it should be added to the list of ringable ones in the City. It is 
hung for ringing on the third story, but had no stay or slider (or 
ever any sign of one). It looks as if it was rehung moderately 
recently: the timber frame has some metal strengtheners and the 
clapper didn't look that old. It has an electric outside hammer to 
strike the hours. Judging by the fact that the room below has 
received a new tiled ceiling since the rope last hung in it, I guess 
it has not been rung for some time. However, we were able to shift 
one of the tiles and used the old rope on the bell to ring it full 
circle. It went well enough, although we had to ring it above the 
sally (it was probably meant to be rung from the room below still).

We mean to return to give it a new rope, secure the floor and take 
better pictures (although I did take a few which will shortly appear 
on Church Bells of London).

ASoQ says that it is slightly flat of C. I didn't record it as I was 
running out of battery, and frankly never thought about doing so! It 
sounded good though.


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